Flex Face Signs, 2M R-Flex & 3M Panaflex Signage in Anaheim, Orange County (OC), California

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Flex Face Signs
Based in Anaheim, Orange County, CA

2m R-Flex Pavillions Marquee Sign

Spruce up your interior or outdoor illuminated signs with this new patented technology that will turn an ordinary sign into a memorable moment that potential clients will remember. R-Flex by 2M is a new sign media that is specifically designed to interact with light so that signage has a different look when it is front lit or back lit.

Panaflex, a 3M product, or foam plex, is a flexible material with a dirt-resistant surface that is a durable combination of vinyl and polyester. This material can be molded and pigmented to form a large variety of colors and shapes.

Insignia has experience with both media, and can develop the right look for your needs.

Signage Portfolio: Flex Face Signs, 2M R-Flex Signs, 3M Panaflex Signage

Roll the mouse over the images for front-lit & back-lit examples

2m R-Flex Illuminated Sign Montage
2M R-Flex Illuminated Sign Montage
Los Angeles, California

2m R-Flex Lit Outdoor Sign for Kwik Car
2M R-Flex Lit Outdoor Sign Example

Providing sign design and manufacturing nationwide from Orange County, CA
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